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Quatre Winner ([personal profile] 04_after) wrote2011-05-19 02:35 pm
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A young boy of about eight walks into Milliways, carefully carrying a small violin case. He stops, uncertain, black dress shoes squeaking slightly against the floor.

After a moment of glancing around -- almost no one is dressed like him, in black dress pants and a tailed coat, with a dark red waistcoat -- he decides to take the moment to explore. His sisters will be waiting for him, but there's still another 20 minutes before they need to be in place, and they don't even need him until the halfway point. (And even then, he's pretty sure they could do fine without him. No one winces when he plays anymore, but he doesn't consider himself terribly good.)

Everyone here looks interesting, but he's glancing around for someone he could maybe ask where here is. After all, he's pretty sure his house doesn't have a restaurant in it. Especially a restaurant with -- the creatures that are acting as waiters, here (he ignores them, politely).

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