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After the Shindig

Quatre's lying on the sofa in his apartment, socked feet resting up on one of the arm rests as he reads a book. He's vaguely waiting for his boyfriend (he hasn't changed out of what he is wearing for the party, though he's pulled his sleeves back down), but it's the type of book -- and he has the type of patience -- that he can probably wait near-infinitely (for sums of the infinite under 12 hours).

Hopefully, though, he won't have to.
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Maybe not indefinitely, but he will have to wait a while.

Eventually, though, one of the sets of footsteps coming down the hall has a possibly familiar rhythm, and is followed by a hand on the doorknob. (A hand that the lock is keyed to, in case Quatre was in any doubt. He's Quatre; he wasn't.)
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Normal people wouldn't call this relaxed mostly-deadpan much of a smile; for Trowa, though, it counts.


The door closes behind him. Trowa moves into the room, and towards the couch.
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Yeah. Trowa's okay with this.


He was kind of figuring there would be some more words exchanged first, if not many more, but he's not objecting to postponing that a while.
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Trowa shakes his head slightly.

Not a lot, because a) he doesn't need to, and b) Quatre's head is right there.

(Trowa has one thumb hooked comfortably in a back beltloop of Quatre's jeans -- Quatre hardly ever wears jeans -- and the other curled loosely around his shoulder. Hello, boyfriend, nice to see you too.)

Slightly dry: "I had marshmallows already."
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What's going on gets an amused sidelong glance.


Coffee can be arranged.

"Which part?"
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"We met a while back."

Thank you, Trowa.

"She's interesting."

Trowa says this more like he means as a puzzle to be solved than as a friendly person to hang out with; there's an underlying thoughtfulness, and a distance.
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Trowa considers that.

There's plenty to say; the question is where to start, and in what order, and what counts as relevant.

"She's a good liar."

Trowa knows from good liars! This in and of itself is not necessarily a criticism.

"The demon bunnies hate her."
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Trowa doesn't look bemused, but he is, faintly.

The demon bunnies, like most animals, seem very clear to Trowa. He's always a little bemused when other people don't understand them as well.

"They don't usually hate. They're just angry."

Formlessly, continuously, and comprehensively angry.
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Trowa shrugs slightly, with the shoulder Quatre's not leaning into.

"They all are, usually. As a baseline."

"I don't know if it's based on some event or tradition, or if it's just part of their nature. But the Milliways population is consistent about that."

It's always a little weird to realize that this isn't obvious to everyone. Everyone observant and intelligent, anyway. If Trowa were talking to someone whose perceptiveness he didn't respect, he wouldn't be surprised at all, but he also wouldn't be explaining like this.
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Trowa's smile is faint, but very fond. And not directed at the absent rabbits.

"I don't know."

"But they're pretty intelligent. I don't have cause to rule it out."
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Trowa agrees, which he communicates by fractionally tipping his head with a slow blink.

Anything more seems unnecessary.

"I don't know," he says, about the bonfire question. "They avoid large groups of people." Most animals do.

But tonight's bonfire was pretty well surrounded by humans (and other Milliways approximations thereof).