Quatre Winner ([personal profile] 04_after) wrote2010-01-20 11:41 pm
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Appearance (will be updated)

Hair: Blond
Age: 22  (December 12)
Skin: Pale
Race: Mixed
Ethnicity: Middle Eastern (Jordanian in particular) as far as it counts, but L4-identity is more important 
Height: 180.5 cm (a hair above of 5 feet, 11 inches)
Build: slim/in shape but not overly muscular

Quatre is idealistic, loving, and pacifistic. He's also extremely pragmatic. He's currently the CEO for a large world-and-colony-wide corporation, which is one of the wealthiest privately owned corporations in his world.

He has 29 sisters, and a lot more friends.

He speaks (fluently): French, Arabic, English

He's okay at: Mandarin, German, Swahili

He knows the basics of: Japanese, Spanish