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Quatre Winner ([personal profile] 04_after) wrote2010-06-09 09:02 pm

June 5 e-mail to Duo

To: terrible02@freesky.net
From: awinnerisq@freesky.net

Hey, Duo, 

How are you? Just FYI, I’m scheduled to be in L2 in early July. The outside dates are still flexible, but probably for the first two weeks.
I’m going to definitely be busy the 5th-8th, and heading out to visit Trowa and Rashid some time in there, but I’m trying to figure out what works out best—when can I stop by?

Talk to you soon,
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[personal profile] maxwellsdemon02 2010-06-10 04:19 am (UTC)(link)
To: awinnerisq@freesky.net
From: terrible02@feeesky.net

Hey! Man, stop by whenever. Give me a few hours notice and I'm there. I'm sure I can pass off a training session to some poor schmuck who doesn't have Quatre Winner visiting him.

Why don't you tell the big T to drag himself over at the same time? We'll have a party.

And what is this, a board meeting? I'm surprised you didn't print your letterhead at the top.