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Quatre's lying on the sofa in his apartment, socked feet resting up on one of the arm rests as he reads a book. He's vaguely waiting for his boyfriend (he hasn't changed out of what he is wearing for the party, though he's pulled his sleeves back down), but it's the type of book -- and he has the type of patience -- that he can probably wait near-infinitely (for sums of the infinite under 12 hours).

Hopefully, though, he won't have to.
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Quatre has a tendency to view parts of his life as projects. They have stages, with roughly forecasted deadlines, and detailed plans of action. This works pretty well for him, to a point.

The problem is: unlike projects, relationships can't exactly be checked off a list. It's not safe to put them on the backburner, or reschedule the review meeting for next quarter.

It's not that Quatre's been ignoring Trowa, because he hasn't (and he can't). But this morning he realized with a guilty start that he has been taking him for granted the past several months. Sure, he's been busy – he's a CEO, he's always busy (it's not a good enough excuse). He knows, too, that the main reason behind his cheerful taking-for-granted is because Project: Trowa Being Comfortable in a Relationship (with Quatre! The best part), has reached a successful close.

So, when he has a moment, he types a quick e-mail.

From: awinnerisq@freesky.net
To: bangbangbang@freesky.net


I hope your afternoon is going great! I'm sorry to hear about Catherine's cold, please pass along my sympathies. I hope she feels better soon, though I'm glad it's during time off.

Speaking of that, I was wondering if you have plans tonight? I was wondering if you wanted to have dinner around UTC 2300. Otherwise, I'm available this week for most non-work hours, except Tuesday.



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