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Quatre's spends most of five minutes removing his suit in a stall of the men's restroom and scrubbing himself free of glitter. A thick ring had collected around his neck, where his detachable collar had kept it in place, but the skin's soon pink and mostly glitter free.

(He's gives up on his hair after the first fifteen strokes with a finetoothed comb. It's better, at least.)

He changes into the clothes he got from the bar--a pair of thick linen pants in navy blue, practical shoes in black, a dark grey long-sleeved soft dress shirt, and light-grey-and-navy zip up sweater--and drops his bundle of carefully folded formal clothes on the Bar for safe keeping, pocketing his planner (just in case).

"Oh, and could I get that back without the glitter?" Quatre asks, nodding at the note that appears (as the clothes disappear), and accepting the two additional plastic flashlights with an amused grin, before looking for Trowa.

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It took a few minutes for Trowa to work his way across the crowded techno room and pass on the message to Cathy. (Just I'm going outside and I'll see you back home. She made a face at him, fondly disapproving of his antisocial tendencies, but accepted it cheerfully.)

Working his way back out of the party took a minute or so too. Trowa is excellent at slipping efficiently through a crowd, but the prom has a lot of rooms, and a lot of laughing and dancing people in them. Since he was giving Quatre time to change out of formalwear anyway, he let the crowds make him take his time a little.

So he's only now emerging, a few seconds after Quatre starts looking.
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Trowa catches the flashlight one-handed, and without surprise.

He did indeed survive.

As did Quatre! Good job all around.
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It's amazing how many people do that around Trowa.

"Ready?" he says when he's closer.

Quatre seems to be -- and it's certainly a much more practical outfit for going outside than the tuxedo -- but it's sensible to check.

(Trowa continues to not bother to change. Turtleneck and jeans and sneakers are fine for the Milliways June night, and he's not much bothered by the scattering of glitter. Even aside from the fact that ignoring it is part of the joke of it.)
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It's a good outfit on him.

That is to say, it's practical. Which, aside from certain sorts of social communication, is not a virtue black tie has.

"It's a full moon," Trowa says, as they step through the door.

Which is obvious -- the moon's right there in plain sight, and if their eyes weren't so adjusted to the indoors they wouldn't really need these flashlights to cross the lawn -- and he was aware of it before they came outside. But he's not sure if Quatre knows the Milliways ramifications of that.
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"There tend to be werewolves in the forest."

. . . Yeah. It's Milliways.
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"There's some variation depending on the world of origin."

Ah, Milliways consistency.

"Most of the time, they're pretty much like other humans. Sometimes with heightened senses. But around the full moon, their bodies change."

"The details seem to vary too. The level of voluntary control, and the amount of personality alteration during it. And the details of the shape change. It's generally at least somewhat wolflike, though."

Trowa, to be honest, didn't know anything about werewolves before he came here either. He'd heard the word a time or two, in passing, but that was it.

When you're in a place with signs warning you of a monthly danger, though, you research the threat.

"The agreement at Milliways seems to be that they have freedom of the forest at the full moon and a day before and after, so long as they stay within that range and the rest of the population is warned to avoid it. They put up signs."
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Trowa shakes his head, although the motion may be hard to see in the moonlight.

"I wouldn't go too far into the forest without a reason." Unspoken: anywhere else should be fine. There's no need to stay indoors.

(Trowa would do things a lot more dangerous than wander into werewolf-infested woods if he had a good reason for it, of course. But there's no reason to say that, or even really think it. They both take it for granted.)
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There's always by the lake, of course. Publicly visible, for the loose definition used by paranoid Gundam pilots -- which amounts to 'might possibly be in someone's sightlines' more than anything else -- but it's an option, safely out in the open. And if you go far enough around, the problem of sightlines is largely resolved.

Or . . .


Trowa turns their steps slightly more towards the stables complex, and strolls on.
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Maggie Thoreau is seven years old, one of the babies of the Armstrong Circus, and one of Cathy's very favorite people. She gets to wear a spangly costume and play a very minor role in the elephant and acrobat acts, and offstage has spent the last couple of years learning the very basics of most of the acts.

(Trowa finds the idea of making the learning process safe for kids to be kind of novel, although he approves of it. Which is not to say that no safety precautions were taken with his childhood training, but it wasn't really such a high priority as everybody in the circus takes for granted. Trowa likes kids, in a distant way, but this whole 'nurturing environment' thing has been a discovery of the past few years.)

Yesterday Cathy was working with Maggie on very low wirework. Which, inevitably, means that Trowa got drafted to help out too.

His amusement (both at the question and at the memory) wouldn't show even if there was more light. "Fine."

"She's got good balance, but her attention span's pretty short. I don't know if she'll stick with it."

Not that he minds, either way.
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Who knows, after all.
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Trowa returns the glance placidly, and briefly; he doesn't bother to actually shrug.

They can always move on. But the stable has the benefit of being enclosed, private, and off-limits to werewolves. (And relatively defensible, with a limited number of approaches. Trowa doesn't demand this, but he notices, and he notices its lack. Some lessons stick with you.)
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Dim blue-tinted lights illuminate a wide hallway lined to either side with box stalls. To one side, there's a tack room. Most of the stalls visible have nameplates, and an occasional snort or stamp comes from the darkness inside. Several yards along, a discreet ladder leads up to a hayloft.

Trowa lets Quatre take his time looking around. They came by here once before, in daylight, but not inside the building.
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Trowa's answering affection isn't visible.


Reconnoitering only makes sense, after all.
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A horse snorts in his sleep below them, and resettles. (Tequila Lime.)

Trowa follows up the ladder and into the loft. A few steps in, and a yard or so away from Quatre, he halts to let Quatre look his fill.
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It's easy, with Quatre standing as he is, for Trowa to rest his fingertips very lightly against Quatre's hip. Here in the quiet of the hayloft, he elects to let himself do so.

He doesn't say Oh? to that specificity, but his glance (nearly expressionless, but subtly more relaxed than usual) does so anyway.
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"It was pretty crowded," Trowa agrees.

(This is about one part not quite catching Quatre's point to two parts deliberate blandness.)
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Trowa smiles, faint but visible. (Barely. Not that Quatre's looking, but Quatre doesn't need to, either.)


The reason that smile is visible is that this, right now, is about as relaxed as Trowa Barton gets. He doesn't move away.
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Hay bales are comfortable.

And sitting allows for easier sightlines than the place they're standing. No one else is here, of course, and they'd hear the door opening, but -- good sightlines, too, are comfortable.

He turns a little towards the bales. And -- without hesitation, but it's still a considered choice -- lets his arm slip more around Quatre's waist instead of moving away.
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They're sitting close, but not touching now. Trowa doesn't shrug, but the impression is there.

"Nothing unusual."

Thanks, Trowa.

Because this is Quatre, he does add, "We're packing up tomorrow."
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. . . Trowa is kind of bemused.

But not complaining!
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Trowa's lips twitch.

"All right."

You know, since it's efficient. And stuff.
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Well. Okay.

(Trowa is not used to thinking of himself in those terms. Only for monitoring a stranger's reactions, to more efficiently manipulate, and that's different; that's not a friend, and there's no personal involvement at all. This is different.)

"I don't mind," he says, just as quietly, after a moment's pause.

It's true. He may be slightly startled, and not quite sure what to say back to that, but he definitely doesn't mind.
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Amusement sparks at that, even if you'd have to know Trowa very well to see it.

"No," he says placidly -- responding to this sally, unlike the previous, has become very easy -- and lets his weight shift a little closer.
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Quatre is likely to get some glitter on this outfit too.

But he'll probably be okay with that.

Eventually, they'll go back inside. And eventually, they'll head their separate ways, to the farflung colonies of L4 and (currently) L1.

But for right now, the hayloft's a pretty nice place to spend a while.