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Quatre has a tendency to view parts of his life as projects. They have stages, with roughly forecasted deadlines, and detailed plans of action. This works pretty well for him, to a point.

The problem is: unlike projects, relationships can't exactly be checked off a list. It's not safe to put them on the backburner, or reschedule the review meeting for next quarter.

It's not that Quatre's been ignoring Trowa, because he hasn't (and he can't). But this morning he realized with a guilty start that he has been taking him for granted the past several months. Sure, he's been busy – he's a CEO, he's always busy (it's not a good enough excuse). He knows, too, that the main reason behind his cheerful taking-for-granted is because Project: Trowa Being Comfortable in a Relationship (with Quatre! The best part), has reached a successful close.

So, when he has a moment, he types a quick e-mail.

From: awinnerisq@freesky.net
To: bangbangbang@freesky.net


I hope your afternoon is going great! I'm sorry to hear about Catherine's cold, please pass along my sympathies. I hope she feels better soon, though I'm glad it's during time off.

Speaking of that, I was wondering if you have plans tonight? I was wondering if you wanted to have dinner around UTC 2300. Otherwise, I'm available this week for most non-work hours, except Tuesday.

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It's a very Quatre email. (As usual.)

Trowa regards it with tolerant amusement. Quatre has something on his mind, clearly; he never makes small talk that assiduously unless he's trying not to be businesslike, and he rarely schedules Milliways visits this far ahead.

Then he writes back:

I'll tell her. She usually recovers pretty fast, anyway.

Tonight's fine.

He considers, then adds Have a good day. Quatre will get the joke. (The joke is that it's polite small talk, and this is Trowa.)

He hits send, and heads into the kitchen. Cathy with a cold means Cathy subsisting mostly on soup (which she insists on cooking anyway) and toast, so it's probably about time to make sure nothing's burning. And to make her more tea.
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Trowa's 'date' clothes are . . . basically the same as his other clothes, since Milliways is not somewhere with a dress code. So jeans and a turtleneck.

But he notices Quatre's! And correctly parses the reason.

His smile, as he starts towards the bar, is brief, and faint almost to the point of invisibility -- but not quite.
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Quatre knows better than to expect any other answer when proposing food, right?

(Trowa knows he knows, and knows Quatre keeps trying to get an opinion out of him anyway, which is why there's a certain undercurrent of amusement here.)
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On the long, long list of things that Quatre is inexplicably charmed by, takeout containers are a fairly recent addition.

Trowa accepts his half of dinner placidly.
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If Quatre ever greeted him with a kiss in public, Trowa would probably conclude that they were under surveillance and Quatre needed to play a role to mislead someone.

So yeah.

Instead, he follows Quatre up the stairs and to his room, at close-platonic-friend distance.
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Trowa's been adding his own collection of food to the arrangement.

At Quatre's glance, he doesn't smile back, except with his eyes -- but for Trowa, that counts.

He lets the back of his hand brush lightly against Quatre's as he straightens up, too, and that also counts.
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Trowa never minds. (There are plenty of circumstances in which he would -- but they're essentially all ones in which Quatre would mind too. It works out well.)

He's not sure why Quatre's so uncertain today, and if it has to do with whatever he was thinking about earlier, but this answer is easy.

"Okay," he says, and the planes of his face relax infinitesimally with affection; his fingers curl a little closer around Quatre's.
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Trowa was already relaxed, but he rests his hand against Quatre's hip (hooking a thumb loosely through his beltloop; jeans allow for this, and so does a secure private space where keeping his hands free doesn't matter), and kisses back.

It's comfortable.

(Trowa remains very much a fan of this whole dating Quatre thing.)
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They have an exchange along these lines more or less every time they see each other. It remains true, though.

And the fact that they only see each other once every couple of weeks even with Milliways means it's generally worth repeating, too.

Trowa's head is tipped lightly against Quatre's, and Quatre's face is slightly blurry with closeness. Trowa's half-smile is a little more visible than usual; he doesn't move away either.
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Trowa is, in fact, kind of hungry. He has a fast metabolism, and he hasn't had dinner yet.

But he never really cares if food cools off anyway.

Still. Dinner!

With amusement, and without disagreeing, he follows Quatre's lead towards the coffee table and its collection of takeout containers.
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Trowa's lips twitch slightly.

So that's a yes!

"I sent her a couple of our boilerplates."

Abir is nine years old, and doing an impeccably polite and very enthusiastic research project on non-traditional business structures. Such as, say, circuses. Luckily, her uncle has some convenient friends!

Trowa doesn't actually assume that Abir will wade her way through all the dense legalese of a boilerplate contract, but he doesn't assume she won't. Anyway, he figures she should be given the opportunity to try.
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"Probably," Trowa agrees.

Well, it's true.

"Feel free to ask," he adds, deadpan -- because it's true, but also obvious, and also if Quatre is the family expert then he runs the risk of being consulted by a lot of earnest children about circus terminology.

. . . Which, okay, is not unamusing either.
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Trowa does not grin.

But if he were somebody else, he would be.

Instead, he placidly has some more noodle soup. (Fact: Quatre is entertaining.)
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(This is, for the record, the first time either of them has actually said that sentence aloud.

Trowa doesn't notice. It's not as if it hasn't been an obvious fact for years.)

He does let his amusement show a little more, in the subtle crinkling of his eyes.

"Sure," he says.


"A couple of the recent back issues of Applied Physics had interesting articles."

Trowa is not especially a physicist, so some of the articles are more comprehensible to him than others. But you don't become a Gundam pilot or a Gundam mechanic without getting a crash course in certain aspects of this stuff, and Trowa likes challenges. (At least it's applied; theory's never been his primary interest, without some real-world applications to make it relevant.)
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Because it's Quatre, he gets more detail. Because Quatre is genuinely interested in this material, that detail includes summaries (albeit laconic ones) of the articles in question.

The one about supercooled carbon nanofoams is one of four Trowa deems worth expanding on, so this conversation stretches a while.
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If so, Trowa will fail to move away.

For reasons of heat conservation. Totally that.

(It's a good thing his boyfriend is so pragmatic and sensible about these things.)

Once a comfortable silence has fallen, he . . . will continue to fail to move away.

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Trowa glances up at him, faintly (and fondly) amused.

Trowa's childhood did not contain enough normal social training to give him any hosting compulsions. Quatre, on the other hand, falls back on them multiple times an hour.

However: "Sure."

He has no objection to tea!
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Trowa will wait with bated breath.

. . . Not really.

He gives Quatre a little time to putter about with the kettle and tea leaves before he rises silently to follow. He'd bring the rest of the dishes, except that Quatre already got them all.
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"Hi," Trowa replies solemnly -- well, deadpan, anyway -- and accepts Quatre's hand. (Unsurprisingly.)

He was planning to settle against the counter next to Quatre, but Quatre can overrule that if he wants.
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Trowa was kind of waiting to see if there was a specific catalyst for Quatre's fretful self-consciousness, yeah, though he wouldn't have been bothered if Quatre didn't say anything. It didn't feel like one of Quatre's occasional attacks of guilt, though -- or, at least, not beyond his general tendency to find cause for guilt in everything.

It takes him a few moments to find words to reply. In part that's because he has to run it over in his mind a few times to figure out what Quatre thinks the problem is.

"I don't mind," he says.

"You're not that distracted."
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Trowa's smile is only in his eyes.

And in the way he shifts his weight slightly to rest his shoulder more comfortably against Quatre's.


He still doesn't mind the distraction. But he doesn't exactly object to this sentiment, either.
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Trowa accepts the tea.

And the companionably leaning (and sparklingly happy, silent or not) boyfriend.
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It's pretty good.

Trowa would drink it if he didn't like it, too; he eats and drinks what he's given, as a rule. But he likes mint.

When the mug is about half empty, he shifts it to his right hand, and leans over for a quick kiss.

(There are a few reasons for this. Among them: the fact that it's pretty sweet when your workaholic boyfriend says he doesn't want work to impinge on boyfriend time; the fact that Quatre is always inordinately happy any time Trowa does anything like this; the fact that Trowa wants to.)